Using Guided Meditation Tapes

As meditation becomes more popular, and people continue to learn about the benefits of meditation and relaxation, guided meditation tapes are starting to become very valuable items. Meditation rituals have been passed down from the start of time in many Eastern cultures, and the use of a meditation guide is very common. These guides have often mastered meditation themselves, and will lead a group of people in their relaxation steps, giving instructions and encouragement to them. Because most people don’t have access to a live guide to walk them through the steps, guided meditation tapes were made to bridge the gap between master and student.

When using guided meditation tapes, you will need to find a voice that has a peaceful, yet commanding quality to it. Look for a voice that, preferably, you will want to listen to and do as they say. This is crucial to the success of your meditation sessions, as the wrong voice may keep you from reaching your potential. You may find that a woman’s voice is soothing and you feel confident following her, or you may need a more commanding tone to keep your mind on relaxation, so you choose the one that offers a gruff man’s voice. Each person will have a different preference, so don’t feel like you must choose the most popular one available.

You will probably have more luck finding guided meditation tapes by searching online for them, instead of looking for them at retail stores. The best online sites will have brief audio clips of each product so that you can listen to each of them and determine which guide will most suite your style. If you are only able to find sites that don’t let you listen before you buy, keep searching until you find a site that does. Many online stores have strict rules about returning audio products, and after opening it, you may be stuck with a tape you won’t use.

After using guided meditation tapes, you will quickly experience the benefits of having a master guide you through your relaxation practices. After you learn from them, maybe one day you can lead your own group!